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January 2013

New Year - New Programmes

We start the year with a number of educational programmes. English Plus is what we are looking at in 2013! We offer internship placements, environmental lessons, volunteer projects, farmwork and business programmes in addition to our highly recognized IELTS and General English courses.

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January 2013

Junten High School Students at ETC Wellington
ETC Wellington hosted 26 Junten high school students from Tokyo, Japan. It was a week full of English lessons, fun activites, cultural exprience and sports!

Japanese students at ETC


October 2012

Get your end of the year deal at ETC Wellington!

ETC Wellington will start a new advanced level English class for international students at 29 October 2012.

The better your English, the less you pay! Get ahead in IELTS or CAE! This short-term course will put the final touch to your English! We ll make you achieve a great test result!

Contact us to find out more.

Morning classes from NZ$ 120.00 per week and Evening classes from NZ$ 75.00 per week. Terms and conditions apply.


June 2012

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Learning a new language is never easy! Neither living in a foreign country. Follow us on twitter and read our blogs about language learning, international student experience and life overseas!

What�s your language!



April 2012

Euroasia and English Teaching College

English Teaching College Wellington recently started collaborating with Euroasia.

We became official partners in April 2012. ETC English Teaching College is a multi-cultural school. We understand the advantages of speaking at least one or two other languages. Hence we started a cooperation with EUROASIA, New Zealand's premier private provider of foreign language services and cultures. are you interested in speaking a foreign language besides English? Do you want to learn French, Dutch, German, Mandarin, Spanish or other languages? Contact us for more details.


March 2012 - Computers in Homes Graduation

English Teaching College Wellington was pleased to set up a graduation celebration for their Computers in Homes graduates last week. More than 15 students have completed the computer training and are now lucky owners of a computer and modem. The students got handed out their certificates by their tutor Jonathan and Marty Pilott, School Manager ETC Wellington. English Teaching College runs these courses in cooperation with CIH. CIH is a community programme that brings computer technology within reach of all New Zealand citizens. Special focus lies on families, elderly people and migrants. Find out more about Computers in Homes by following the link.




English Teaching College Wellington is now offering evening classes!

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening 5.30pm-8.00pm, from NZ$ 75.00 per week.

The class focuses on Academic English and exam preparation. (IELTS, FCE, TOEIC)

The class size is small.

Maximum 10 students will be in class and have the opportunity of an intensive learning experience.

If you are interested in this course, apply now and do not hesitate to contact us!


January 2012 - New Zealand named world's most peaceful nation

New Zealand is the world's most peaceful country, according to a newly published global survey.

People are out numbered 10 to one by sheep in New Zealand.

The South Pacific nation of four million people and 40 million sheep has knocked Iceland off its perch after violent demonstrations followed the collapse of Reykjavik's banking system.

The Global Peace Index, a report prepared for the Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranks 144 countries in a league table of peacefulness.

Professor Kevin Clements, of Otago University in Dunedin, said: "If you look at the top 20, they are all small nations based on strong welfare principles, all with good and relatively uncorrupt governance."

Top 10 most peaceful nations: 1 New Zealand, 2 Denmark, 3 Norway, 4 Iceland, 5 Austria, 6 Sweden, 7 Japan, 8 Canada, 9= Finland, 9= Slovenia.



English Teaching College Wellington and Palmerston North are offering FREE English classes for beginners in 2012. Both schools (Palmerston North and Wellington) are accepting applications from now on! Courses will start January 2012! Find out more and contact us! Students must be a permanent resident of New Zealand.



October 2011 - AWARD for Rozina!

Our administrator Rozina Yusuf, working at English Teaching College Wellington, has recently been awarded by NZAPEP. She can be proud to officially be called "Support Person of the Year 2011".

We, on behalf of English Teaching College, want to thank her for all the work she is doing and the support she gives to us, our students and our business partners. Well done!



October 2011- NEW POOL TABLE!

We have a pool table! Exciting things are happening at English Teaching College Wellington. John Brunsden, director of ETC, brought in a pool table. Together with some students he set it up and made it ready to play! The students are quite excited about this additional feature. They can now enjoy playing pool in their break time or after school.




International students can now benefit from ETC's new partnership with

The NEW ZEALAND CARD was formed in 2004. This card stands for money saving. Young travellers who want to get the most out of their stay in New Zealand can take the advantage of this new cooperation and get a special discount off car rentals, accommodation, tours and attractions throughout New Zealand.

As a special promotion ETC Wellington ads this card to every individual student enrolment. This offer is only valid for a certain time! So grab your card, enjoy New Zealand and save money. Visit or contact us to find out more...


July 2011 - Job Placement Service awarded! 

ETC Wellington has been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Social Development to offer a Job Placement Service. We are specializing in placing skilled migrants with employers.
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