What our students say about us!

I have been studying at ETC nearly seven months. I needed to pass the IELTS exam then go to Massey University so I chose ETC to study. Not only did it improve my English level but also it was a great opportunity to meet many people from different countries. And ETC always arranges some activities such as ski trip, farm visit, BBQ and many other exciting activities.
Jingyu DAI, China
Studying at ETC was one of my most brilliant experiences in New Zealand. I have studied at ETC for 6 weeks, and feel my English ability has truly increased. Therefore I would like to recommend this experience to others wanting to learn English in a foreign country.
Saori Komori, Japan
I have been studying at ETC about half a year. I have found my English has improved. I remember the first day, when I studied in Green Class, I had no idea what Dennis was talking about. at that time, I asked myself, “Have I got into the wrong class or is my English seriously bad?” Then after one week, I found my English had a little bit improved and I easily understood the topics in the class.
Zheren YE, China
Thanks to the great teaching methods and teachers in this college, I achieved a high level of English. ETC has offered me the opportunity to meet students of many nationalities and I have made many friends and have enjoyed spending my time with them, not to mention all the trips and events ETC has organized for us. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I am really glad that I had the chance to study English at ETC. Thank you!”
Ahmed Abdul Rahman A Yankissar, Saudi Arabia
“I am Minh Pham, from Vietnam. I am currently doing my doctoral degree, as well as working at Auckland University of Technology. In New Zealand, I studied at ETC for the IELTS test. Thanks to Marie, Dennis, John and all staff members at ETC, I had a wonderful time studying English and passed the IELTS exam with 6.5 overall. My 14 weeks at ETC in Palmerston North is no doubt one of my best experiences in Kiwiland.”
Minh Pham, Vietnam
I worked at ETC as intern for 1 month, and it was a great experience for me. Staffs and teachers are kind, and they always supported me. It was short-term, however ETC gave me various experiences. I had surprises or discoveries like everyday and learned lots of things and through jobs of ETC. I really appreciate them to give me these precious experiences.


Miho, Japan