ETC understands that studying away from home and living in a new culture is exciting and new. We have caring Support Staff at all our campuses who will help you settle in to your new environment and provide ongoing support with your enrolment, insurance, banking and everyday living needs.
Our teachers want you to achieve results and, as classes are small, have time to make sure you are on track. Homestay hosts will make sure you know your way around town, try to cater for your taste in food and become your New Zealand family.
Our staff are generally well-travelled and understand that Kiwi customs and traditions can be different to what you are used to. ETC staff and students respect everyone’s culture and practices and we learn from each other. ETC campuses provide prayer rooms/reflection spaces and meal preparation areas so these practises can be easily followed.

Student handbooks

“Our student handbooks are full of useful information and many of our staff speak a number of languages.”